Precision Balls

Chrome Steel Balls (Bearing Steel)

Chrome Steel Balls

General Information:
These Balls are manufactured from the highest quality carbon chrome steel (SAE 52100-equiv. to EN31) which is specially produced to a very rigid specification. They are hardened right through by a carefully controlled heat-treatment process, lapped and highly polished. Although mainly used in bearings, these balls find countless applications where precision, hardness and low cost are prime considerations.
Basic Composition:  
Carbon 0.95/1.10%
Chromium 1.30/1.60%
Mechanical Properties:  
Hardness 60-66 Rockwell 'C' (depending on size)
Density 0.283lbs/
Specific Gravity 7.84
Size Range:  
Imperial 1/32" to 6"
Metric 0.8mm to 150mm inclusive
Supplied in five grades of tolerance: Super Precision, Bearing Grade, Cycle Grade, Castor Grade and Burnishing Grade, in accordance with DIN or equivalent AFBMA standards.

ISO 9001:2000

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